Removal of 350' Self Support Tower

One tower and compound had to be removed in a multi compound site. Tower removal, shelter removal, all concrete piers and pads and fotters had to be completely removed. All ground disturbances had to be restored.

FTTx Distribution Node

Permitting, Utility coordination and installation, compound civil prep, concrete pad construction and protective bollard set

Repair of Cellular Site Access Road

The original road was washed out to due improper drainage contruction. Repairs included removal of old drainage pipe, installation of correct sized culver drain pipe, installation of splach rock, road recompaction and resurfacing with new gravel base.

Installation of Microwave Link for cellular tower

Installation of dish antennea at both ends of the link, path alignment to achieve required signal, installation of all required cabling and circuit integration.

Build Retaining Wall and drainage of Cellular Site Access Road

Build a retaining wall for the down slope side of an access road and install proper drainage lines and culvers to stop road wash out.

Tower foundation modification

Build a modified foundation for a self-support tower.

Design/Build Fiber Hut

Trunkey project to Design and Build a central FTTx Fiber Hut. We provided all design, permitting, grounding ring and utility elements of the project. Sourcing and construction was included to provide a complete ready for fiber installation to the customer.

Build Fiber Cabinet Distribution Node

Turnkey construction of a remote FTTx Fiber distribution cabinet node. Included design, permitting, sourcing and construction.

Cellular Compound Repairs after tornado damages

Clean up and repairs to a cellular site after tornado damages and tower destruction.

Colocation Fiber Distribution Hut

A cololcated FTTx Distribution Hut adjacent to existing cellular compound with generator pad stub up.

Large Duel Culvert installation

Install two large Cuverts to correct drainage wash out of access road.